About KNApSAcK

KNApSAcK is a tool for the analysis of metabolites. Information on natural products has been amassed, with special emphasis on their biological origins. You can retrieve information on metabolites by entering the organism name, the name of a metabolite, molecular weight, or molecular formula. KNApSAcK also provides a tool for analyzing mass spectrum data.

KNApSAcK is developed and maintained by Prof. Kanaya, the Comparative Genomics Laboratory, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan. A downloadable version and a Web-based version are available.

Links to NAIST

To run the KNApSAcK software, you must first install the Java Runtime Environment on your computer, and then go to the original KNApSAcK Web page of Nara Institute of Science and Technology.

Analyzing your own data

To analyze your desired own spectral data, prepare the data (accurate molecular weight and intensity value) in a format compatible with the description in the software's instruction manual set in the system.

Modified: 2007-11-15

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