Nomenclature in MS-DIAL lipidomics

Adduct form nomenclature
Major adduct abbreviation Meaning
[M+H]+ Proton adduct
[M+Na]+ Sodium adduct
[M+NH4]+ Ammonium adduct
[M-H]- Proton loss
[M+FA-H]- Formate adduct
[M+Hac-H]- Acetate adduct

Lipid class nomenclature
Lipid class Abbreviation Description: chain summed Description: chain separated Structure
Free fatty acid FA FA 18:1 FA 18:1 Show
Fatty acid ester of hydroxyl fatty acid FAHFA FAHFA 38:4 FAHFA 18:0/20:4 Show
Acylcarnitine ACar ACar 18:1 ACar 18:1 Show
Cholesteryl ester CE CE 18:1 CE 18:1 Show
Monoacylglycerol MAG MAG 18:1 MAG 18:1 Show
Diacylglycerol DAG DAG 38:4 DAG 18:0-20:4 Show
Triacylglycerol TAG TAG 56:8 TAG 16:0-18:2-22:6 Show
Monogalactosyldiacylglycerol  MGDG MGDG 38:4 MGDG 18:0-20:4 Show
Digalactosyldiacylglycerol DGDG DGDG 38:4 DGDG 18:0-20:4 Show
Sulfoquinovosyl diacylglycerol  SQDG SQDG 38:4 SQDG 18:0-20:4 Show
Diacylglyceryltrimethylhomoserine DGTS DGTS 38:4 DGTS 18:0-20:4 Show
Glucuronosyldiacylglycerol GlcADG GlcADG 38:4 GlcADG 18:0-20:4 Show
Acylglucuronosyldiacylglycerol AcylGlcADG AcylGlcADG 56:8 AcylGlcADG 16:0-18:2-22:6 Show
Lysodiacylglyceryltrimethylhomoserine LDGTS LDGTS 18:1 LDGTS 18:1 Show
Lysophosphatidic acid LPA LPA 18:1 LPA 18:1 Show
Lysophophatidylcholine LPC LPC 18:1 LPC 18:1 Show
Lysophosphatidylethanolamine LPE LPE 18:1 LPE 18:1 Show
Lysophosphatidylglycerol LPG LPG 18:1 LPG 18:1 Show
Lysophosphatidylinositol LPI LPI 18:1 LPI 18:1 Show
Lysophosphatidylserine LPS LPS 18:1 LPS 18:1 Show
Phosphatidic acid PA PA 38:4 PA 18:0-20:4 Show
Phosphatidylcholine PC PC 38:4 PC 18:0-20:4 Show
Phosphatidylethanolamine PE PE 38:4 PE 18:0-20:4 Show
Phosphatidylglycerol PG PG 38:4 PG 18:0-20:4 Show
Phosphatidylinositol PI PI 38:4 PI 18:0-20:4 Show
Phosphatidylserine PS PS 38:4 PS 18:0-20:4 Show
Bismonoacylglycerophosphate BMP BMP 42:10 BMP 20:4-22:6 Show
Hemibismonoacylglycerophosphate HBMP HBMP 56:8 HBMP 16:0-18:2-22:6 Show
Cardiolipin CL CL 70:5 CL 16:1-18:1-18:1-18:2 Show
Ether-linked phosphatidylcholine EtherPC PC 38:4e PC 18:0e/20:4 Show
Ether-linked phosphatidylethanolamine EtherPE PE 38:4e PE 18:0e/20:4 Show
Oxidized fatty acid OxFA OxFA 18:1+1O OxFA 18:1+1O Show
Oxidized phosphatidylcholine OxPC OxPC 38:4+3O OxPC 18:0-20:4+3O Show
Oxidized phosphatidylethanolamine OxPE OxPE 38:4+3O OxPE 18:0-20:4+3O Show
Oxidized phosphatidylglycerol OxPG OxPG 38:4+3O OxPG 18:0-20:4+3O Show
Oxidized phosphatidylinositol OxPI OxPI 38:4+3O OxPI 18:0-20:4+3O Show
Oxidized phosphatidylserine OxPS OxPS 38:4+3O OxPS 18:0-20:4+3O Show
Phosphatidylmethanol PMeOH PMeOH 38:4 PMeOH 18:0-20:4 Show
Phosphatidylethanol PEtOH PEtOH 42:10 PEtOH 20:4-22:6 Show
Ether-linked oxidized phosphatidylcholine EtherOxPC OxPC 38:4e+3O OxPC 18:0e/20:4+3O Show
Ether-linked oxidized phosphatidylethanolamine EtherOxPE OxPE 38:4e+3O OxPE 18:0e/20:4+3O Show
Sphingomyelin SM SM d38:1 SM d18:1/20:0 Show
Sulfatide SHexCer SHexCer d38:1 SHexCer d18:1/20:0 Show
Ganglioside GM3 GM3 GM3 d38:1 GM3 d18:1/20:0 Show
Ceramide non-hydroxyfatty acid-sphingosine Cer-NS Cer-NS d38:1 Cer-NS d18:1/20:0 Show
Ceramide non-hydroxyfatty acid-dihydrosphingosine Cer-NDS Cer-NDS d38:0 Cer-NDS d18:0/20:0 Show
Ceramide alpha-hydroxy fatty acid-sphingosine Cer-AS Cer-AS d38:1 Cer-AS d18:1/20:0 Show
Ceramide alpha-hydroxy fatty acid-dihydrosphingosine Cer-ADS Cer-ADS d38:0 Cer-ADS d18:0/20:0 Show
Ceramide beta-hydroxy fatty acid-sphingosine Cer-BS Cer-BS d38:1 Cer-BS d18:1/20:0 Show
Ceramide beta-hydroxy fatty acid-dihydrosphingosine Cer-BDS Cer-BDS d38:0 Cer-BDS d18:0/20:0 Show
Ceramide Esterified omega-hydroxy fatty acid-sphingosine Cer-EOS Cer-EOS d52:2 Cer-EOS d18:1/20:1-O-14:0 Show
Ceramide Esterified omega-hydroxy fatty acid-dihydrosphingosine Cer-EODS Cer-EODS d52:1 Cer-EODS d18:0/20:1-O-14:0 Show
Ceramide alpha-hydroxy fatty acid-phytospingosine Cer-AP Cer-AP t38:1 Cer-AP t18:1/20:0 Show
Ceramide non-hydroxyfatty acid-phytospingosine Cer-NP Cer-NP t38:1 Cer-NP t18:1/20:0 Show
Hexosylceramide non-hydroxyfatty acid-sphingosine HexCer-NS HexCer-NS d38:1 HexCer-NS d18:1/20:0 Show
Hexosylceramide non-hydroxyfatty acid-dihydrosphingosine HexCer-NDS HexCer-NDS d38:0 HexCer-NDS d18:0/20:0 Show
Hexosylceramide alpha-hydroxy fatty acid-sphingosine HexCer-AS HexCer-AS d38:1 HexCer-AS d18:1/20:0 Show
Hexosylceramide alpha-hydroxy fatty acid-dihydrosphingosine HexCer-ADS HexCer-ADS d38:0 HexCer-ADS d18:0/20:0 Show
Hexosylceramide beta-hydroxy fatty acid-sphingosine HexCer-BS HexCer-BS d38:1 HexCer-BS d18:1/20:0 Show
Hexosylceramide beta-hydroxy fatty acid-dihydrosphingosine HexCer-BDS HexCer-BDS d38:0 HexCer-BDS d18:0/20:0 Show
Hexosylceramide Esterified omega-hydroxy fatty acid-sphingosine HexCer-EOS HexCer-EOS d38:1 HexCer-EOS d18:1/20:1-O-14:0 Show
Hexosylceramide alpha-hydroxy fatty acid-phytospingosine HexCer-AP HexCer-AP t38:1 HexCer-AP t18:1/20:0 Show
Hexosylceramide non-hydroxyfatty acid-phytospingosine HexCer-NP HexCer-NP t38:1 HexCer-NP t18:1/20:0 Show

*The nomenclature for lipid class basically follows the definition of this paper.
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