Tool for statistical analysis of metabolomics on Microsoft Excel


Principal component analysis (PCA), projection to latent structure regression (PLS-R), and projection to latent structure based discriminant analysis (PLS-DA) are the commonly-used multivariate analysis method in metabolomics study. Of course, there are many platforms for these analyses not only by the commercially available software such as SIMCA-P, but also by freely available software such as statistical language R, MetaboAnalyst. I also use them very much! However, I think that excel based platform should be also required for the approachability and the easily adjustment of Figures. In addition to multivariate analysis, I think that the easy-to-use platform for the graph making and the multiple comparison method is also required although I also know these tasks are possible by some tools like VANTED. I would like to offer the platform such that many researchers can easily do the statistical analysis.

Please cite

- H.Tsugawa et al (2015) MS-DIAL: data independent MS/MS deconvolution for comprehensive metabolome analysis. Nature Methods, 12, 523-526 [PubMed]

Format (Please see the example file)

- Data file must be saved as comma separated values (CSV) file format.
- First column must include the labels such as the retention time, peak number, and compound name in addition to two first rows, i.e. "Class", "Row: Label:: Column: Sample" index.
- First row must include the "Class" index. The order of class number is flexible. But users must use the class number from 1 without skip number.
- Second row must include the sample information.
- Others must include variables.

Available method

Normalization method by internal standard

Bar graph making

Line chart making

Multi T-test

Principal component analysis (PCA)

Projection to latent structure regression (PLS-R)

Projection to latent structure based discriminant analysis (PLS-DA)


If you use 32 bit Windows OS and Excel 2007/2010, please download the macro file, example file, and manual: Statistical analysis tool for 32 bit and Excel 2007_2010.
If you use 64 bit Windows OS and Excel 2010, please download Statistical analysis tool for 64 bit and Excel 2010.

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