MS/MS spectral tag (MS2T) viewer

7/4/2009 ver 1.01
F.Matsuda, Metabolome analysis research team, RIKEN PSC

MS/MS spectral tag (MS2T) libraries are collections of phytochemical MS2 spectral data obtained by using an automatic MS2 acquistion function of LC-ESI-Q-TOF/MS (Waters Aquity Q-TOF). The basic concept of MS2T and its application for metabolite annotation are explained in Matsuda et al (2008) Plant J 57: 555-77. Now, total 1,623,091 MS2T data derived from Arabidopsis, rice, wheat, and soybean are available.

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KNApSAcK: A Comprehensive Species-Metabolite Relationship Database, Kanaya-lab, NAIST

MassBank: High Resolution Mass Spectral Database, JST/BIRD

All MS2T data in this database were produced by using UPLC-Q-TOF Premier (Waters).

2008 RIKEN Plant Science Center
Metabolome analysis research team, LC-MS Branch