Simple BL-SOM
About Simple BL-SOM, an integrated analytical tool for a range of "-omics" data

To understand a whole mechanism of a living organism by linking a range of information from its genome, transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome, it is essential to have a platform capable of integrating a range of "-omics" data so that they can be analyzed together.

"Batch-learning self-organizing map" (BL-SOM) is one tool that can support such integrated analyses (Kanaya et al.; Abe et al.). The transcriptome and metabolome dataset of this tool consists of a matrix in which signal intensities are arranged in multiple columns (experimental series) and multiple rows (gene and metabolite IDs).

BL-SOM can analyze an integrated matrix of both transcriptome and metabolome data after appropriate normalization of the data and preliminary calculations, allowing researchers to visualize the correlations between elements.

Genes and metabolites are classified into clusters in a two-dimensional "feature map" based on their expression and accumulation patterns. Owing to the high reproducibility and resolution provided by BL-SOM, gene-to-metabolite, gene-to-gene, and metabolite-to-metabolite correlations can be elucidated, facilitating the identification of a gene's function (Hirai et al. 2004; Hirai et al. 2005).

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